Tailor made constructions


Since its establishment more than 40years ago, Solide has acquired an impressive amount of product knowledge and expertise in aluminium access equipment for the professional end user. In order to be able to manufacture customised and unique designs efficiently, this specialised experience is an absolute necessity.


Within customised aluminium structures, 2 categories can be distinguished:


•  The specific special orders that have to be customised in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the end user. These are usually extensive, complex structures. These designs are discussed in detail with the supplier by the end user.


•  The more standardised special orders, including fixed steps and support platforms. These types are ordered on a regular basis and usually only differ in terms of dimensions. A wide range of designs can be supplied here, it being possible to adjust the different dimensions (height, length, width, depth, etc.). A user-friendly selection form is provided for this purpose, which can be consulted on the Solide and the supplier’s websites. It helps the professional to provide the supplier with a clear and well-documented explanation.


When manufacturing special structures, as always, the applicable statutory safety measures must be observed.


Initially, the end user discusses the characteristics of the special structure ordered with the Solide wholesaler.


A specially trained and experienced Solide team then ensures that the products supplied comply in full with the wishes of the customer.


As is the case for all other products, here too the Solide employees guarantee the quality of their work, day in day out and design after design. The professional supplier knows that special orders require special attention and therefore that you can contact them with any questions you may have.


Having and retaining satisfied customers is what we, both Solide suppliers and the company itself, have unanimously set as our most important objective; in the past, now and in the future.

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