16 March 2016

New telescopic ultra safe working platform with 360° safety guardrail system


Solide introduces a new telescopic working platform with superior safety for the user.


After close cooperation with end users as well as safety advisors, Solide has developed a new working platform that has a 360° closing safety guardrail system, which enables the user to work safely with both hands.


Due to the telescopic system with rung-by-rung adjustments, working heights of 0.90 m up to 4.50 m can be reached while still maintaining superior stability thanks to the 2 swing-out stabiliser legs.


The platforms exist in two versions (four-six steps and seven-ten steps) and are very easy to set up and can also be manoeuvred thanks to the 2 wheels




26 February 2015

Demo film E & F extension ladders


Small demo film where we show how to use the E and F extension ladders with rope is now available on the Solide Youtube channel.




26 August 2014

OVB – new standard product – platform with double acces


Solide is launching a new standard product in its range of platforms and working towers


The OVB platform is a platform with double access and thanks to its « open » construction the ideal platform to be used for access over fixed obstacles such as filling lines, machines etc..


The platform s produced in extruded high-quality aluminum with 10cm x 60cm steps and a 60cm x 110cm platform complete with toe boards et floor fixations as an option.


The standard range is composed of 4 models (2X4 steps up to 2X7 step) with platform heights varying between 1m and 2,5m.



2 Juin 2013

Solide dealer training days


During the last week of May Solide organised some training days for its dealers in Belgium. Over 100 owners and staff of the dealers participated to the event during which new products were presented ( with special focus on the new 360° protection scaffold saferty rail system) and also some traing on standards and obligations in respect of access technology products were given.


The majority of the feedback was positive and therefor this kind of event will be repeated next year.



27 Mai 2013

Solide 4S®



European legislation in respect of working conditions imposes to employers to enable their staff to work in the safest possible conditions. Solide has therefor always recommended working with a specific configuration with amongst other things also platforms at every 2 meters (and assembling the safety rails while sitting « in the platform »)

However by working in this way, the builder is still obliged to sit on the platform without safety rails during assembly.

In order to solve this problem and offer full 360° protection during the full assembly and disassembly process, Solide has invented a new concept called 4S (Solide Super Safe Scaffolding) and is in this way already anticipating future legislation (probably as from January, 1st 2015)


This unique system is a concept where the builder who is mounting on the platform during assembly (or standing on it during disassembly) is still 360° protected thanks to the patented telescopic safety rails. These safety rails are very easy to use and can be installed by a single worker.



11 Mai  2013

Tool storage box


Solide has recently introduced some new tool storage boxes, which are very handy to store tools during working with our scaffolds, ladders or step ladders. These storage boxes can standard be attached to all ladders, step ladders or scaffolds (075 version) and are very light thanks to the fact that they are produced 100% in aluminum.


The small 075 version is compatible with the complete Solide range of ladders, step ladders and scaffolds where the long version (185/245/305) can be used with the RS 135 scaffolds.



12 Mars 2013

New trestles at Solide


Other than ladders, stepladders and scaffolds, Solide has also a range of auxiliary products such as trestles in their range.


The newest generation of Solide trestles has a nicer design and a new anti-spread safety system. Also the maximum load is increased to 200kg. You can use 2 trestles with a platform and have an instant working table.



7 January 2013

Roof safety system


Solide is introducing a scaffold based roof safety system in order to work at pending roofs or gutters in completely safe conditions.


The system is certified to the EN-13374 A/B/C standard. The great advantage of this system is that it is fully compatible with the existing Solide scaffold systems (folding, rolling and façade scaffold and) and that with a minimum investment one can convert his existing scaffold systems into a roof safety system. Also there are a number of standard configurations available in pack format.

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