Solide: before and now


By supplying unique, polyester-coated ladders and stepladders that are “as strong as iron” and that are 100% reliable, the company has conquered the Belgian professional market and quickly assumed a strong second place in the Dutch market.


Scaffolding and specialised structures complete the range and new distributors are appearing in other European countries such as France, Switserland and Russia.


For decades now painters, builders, roofers, electricians and other professionals have grown up with the Solide brand that has meanwhile become a household name for professional end users.


The professional chooses Solide for its quality, reliability and convenience but also because over the years the brand has lent real meaning to the term “professional products”. Solide exceeds legal standards and can consequently offer an exceptional 10year guarantee for manufacturing faults. Furthermore, the necessary product certificates can easily be downloaded from the website.


Close cooperation with distributors and wholesalers and their loyalty to the Solide brand is no coincidence as in Belgium the majority have already worked continuously with Solide for more than 30 years. And there are good reasons for this: a market presence of many years, respect for the term “professional” equipment, ample stocks and therefore rapid delivery and unique product characteristics such as the polyester protective coating.


The brand embodies trustworthiness and provides additional protection in all areas for suppliers and customers. All commercialised products are manufactured in Belgium without exception.


“Top-notch reliability” is not only a characteristic of Solide products, but is also indicative of the commitment of both dealers and Solide employees.


We would like to demonstrate to you that Solide more than deserves its market reputation.


The Solide team



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